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How#8217;s Your Elevator Pitch

How8217s Your Elevator Pitch Everything in life is for sale. Including you. Whether youre looking for a job or a promotion or just meeting someone at a restaurant, youre selling yourself all the time.So hows your elevator pitch?They say the most effective listening takes place within the first 30 60 seconds of a conversation. Thats pretty quick. After that, your listener may have already you tuned out. Even before that, experts suggest that as soon as someone lays eyes on you theyve already made an opinion about you.Oh well. So much for unbiased opinions Its up to you to make a great first impression quickly.This natural phenomenon has startling implications for the job seeker unprepared for an interview, the new co-worker making introductions, or the employee late for work and rattling off excuses to upper-management.But heres where the basic tenets of the elevator pitch can help.The tradition al elevator pitch is a carefully-crafted (and concise) sales technique used to sell a product or service. The theory behind it can be used just as well to sell yourself during an interview or casual conversation. With elements of the elevator pitch thrown in, anyone can answer the simple yet complicated question Tell me about yourself.Some basic elevator pitch rules to follow1) Be Clear Dont mumble, speak up, measure the tone and flow of your sentences.2) Be Brief Simplify. Less is more.3) Be Evocative Bold words Transform your message with powerful statements.4) Be Targeted Know your audience. Dont say anything inappropriate. Think about who youre talking to and their position position relative to yours.5) Be positive It should go without saying. No one wants hear your depressing drivel.It should be noted that this list also functions as a complementary set of rules that can be used throughout ones career, or even life. If life is sales, then sales is one elevator pitch after anoth er. Start selling.

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Marijuana and Employment Drug Testing

Marijuana and Employment Drug TestingMarijuana and Employment Drug TestingMarijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in some U.S. states. However, testing positive for it when an employer drug tests you can be an issue, whether you are a job applicant or an employee. The legal use of marijuana medically or recreationally varies from state to state. However, it is still considered illegal under federal law. In twenty-nine states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, it is legal for those dealing with constant pain or certain illnesses to legally use marijuana for medical reasons, as long as they carry a card showing they are a certified patient. To become a legal medical marijuana user, you need a recommendation or prescription from a doctor who is legally appointed by the state to prescribe medical marijuana.In nine of those states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) including the Dis trict of Columbia, cannabis can also be used recreationally. These evolving laws regarding marijuana use create challenges for lawmakers and employers who test applicants and employees for drug use. Federal and State Drug Testing Laws Under federal law, cannabis use is illegal, and employers in industries that are heavily regulated by the federal government screen their employees randomly and include drug testing as part of theirhiring process. For non-federally regulated employers, federal law doesnt require drug testing. However, there are state and local governments that enforce laws regulating drug testing. Employers have the legal right to maintain a drug- and alcohol-free work environment, and are allowed to testapplicants and employeesas long as the employer clearly informs those applicants and employees of the companysdrug testing policies,includingpre-employment screeningand random drug testing. In some cases, anoffer of employment may be conditionalpending the results of a drug test. These policies may be stated in the job description, but most often will be stated in a clearly written agreement within the application or employee handbook, which applicants and employees are required to agree to and sign in order to be hired or maintain employment. Some employers have a company policy thatdirectly addresses marijuana use, while others do not. Marijuana Drug Screening Issues Drug screening for marijuana has become a debated topic in states where medical and/or recreational use is legal. The biggest difference between alcohol and cannabis is how they are detected through testing. Alcohol does not linger in the bloodstream like marijuana does. Someone can fail a marijuana drug test weeks after using marijuana because the active ingredient, THC, takes a long time to leave the bloodstream. A positive test does not mean the person is impaired at that moment. Instead, it just shows that they used marijuana within the last few weeks or so. On the oth er hand, there areon-the-spot tests like the breathalyzer to determine the alcohol leveland subsequent impairment of an individual at that moment. This enables lawmakers to create laws regarding the consequences of having mora than the legal limit of alcohol in your system. The technology to test marijuana levels with such accuracy has yet to be created.Without the ability to do accurate on-the-spot testing, it is challenging to determine what a legal level (the lowest level that does not cause impairment) of THC would be. Therefore, any trace can be considered exceeding the legal limit. Workplace Discrimination and Marijuana When someone holding a medical marijuana card is fired from his or her job because of a positive drug test, he or she could be considered avictim of workplace discrimination. Without the ability to test for actual levels of THC at the specific time the test is being performed, a person who tests positive for THC may not be actively high. Laws to reduce this type of workplace discrimination are being created to protect those using medical marijuana under the states medical marijuana program. Some employers are required to test employees under federal law or highly regulated safety laws for jobs like truck drivers or pilots where there is a legitimate basis for firing an employee who fails a random drug test. If an employer does not have to adhere to federal laws or safety regulations, the employer must carefully determine and provide reasons for firing a medical marijuana user who fails a drug test. Some states like Nevada and New York consider those who use cannabis for medical reasons as beinglegally disabled and have created laws taking this type of disability into consideration. These laws require employers to reasonably accommodate the medical needs of an employee who is a certified patient holding a legal medical marijuana card. Also in Nevada, starting in 2020, employers cannot refuse to hire a job applicant (with some exception s) for failing a marijuana screening test, making it the first state to pass such a law. In states where medical marijuana users are considered disabled, medical marijuana users cannot be legally fired because of a positive drug test. However, this only applies if the marijuana use does not keep the employee from doing his or her job, and does not affect the safety of the employee, other employees, the public, or anyone else in the workplace. If you are a medical marijuana card holder or someone who enjoys legalized recreational marijuana, research your state, your employers, or your future employers drug testing policy. You shouldnt assume that, because you are exercising your legal right to use cannabis outside of the workplace, you are immune to the repercussions your employer may impose on you as the result of a drug test that comes back positive for THC. The information contained in this article is not legal advice and is not a substitute for such advice. State and federal laws change frequently, and the information in this article may not reflect your own states laws or the most recent changes to the law.

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What Debt Collectors Cannot Do to Collect Money

What Debt Collectors Cannotlage Do to Collect MoneyWhat Debt Collectors Cannot Do to Collect MoneyThe Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires debt collectors to follow certain laws about how they treat you, and how the attempt to collect debts. But, this does not release you from your obligation to repay your debt. If you owe someone money, you should work on repaying your debt unless you plan to file for bankruptcy.Ignoring your obligations to others is likely to only increase your financial stress and could end up costing you more in the long run if you are sued by a collection agency.? All Debt Collectors are notlage Nasty Debt collectors often have a reputation for being nasty and for hounding people some buy up your debt from another creditor and then simply sue without even giving you a chance to work things out.But not all debt collectors are difficult to deal with, and if you try to work with them to resolve a debt, some can be very reasonable. For those who dont play by the rules and become unfairly tenacious in pursuing you, there are laws that protect you against unfair harassment, and there are also legal remedies and steps you can take to get creditors off your back.Just remember that with each action there is a consequence phone calls are recorded, letters are filed away so it is always in your best interest to be polite, fair, and professional because your words can come back to haunt you if you do end up in court. Debt Collectors are Doing Their Job Debt collectors are employees, and their job is to get money from people.How they go about it varies considerably, but their only purpose for contacting you is to resolve a debt.If you dont talk to them at least once to explain your situation (i.e., you are refuting the amount owed, or will pay it over time) they will keep calling you.If you dont take their calls, they may call family, friends, or just jump right into suing you for the amount you owe but they dont just magically go away and let you be. Sometimes, explaining your situation and offering a good faith payment is enough to turn a difficult debt collector into a reasonable one.Ultimately, debt collection companies just want to get money from you and if you do not have it right away, will usually accept payment plans over time.What they will not accept is someone simply refusing to pay or who slams down the phone (or does not take calls from creditors), and firing back angrily at a debt collector never gets you in their good graces. Refusing to acknowledge your responsibilities could result in your case being escalated, and you could end up in court.If you lose, you not only have to pay the debt, but you may also have to pay your legal fees and sometimes, even legal fees of the party who sued you. Restrictions on How Debt Collectors Can Contact You A debt collector may not contact you At inconvenient times or places, such as before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., unless you agreeAt work, unless your employer approves, and you agree andIf you have an attorney, the debt collector must contact your attorney. A collector may contact third parties (including family, friends, etc.) to try and locate you, but they can only ask for your phone number and where you work. They cannot tell others that you owe money, and in most cases, can only contact a third party one time. A Debt Collector May Not Harass You The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that a debt collector may not harass, oppress, or abuse you or any third parties they contact. This means a collector cannot publish your name (except to a credit bureau), repeatedly call you, use obscene or profane language, or threaten you with acts of violence or another form of harm. It is important to remember that a threat to sue you is not necessarily abusive the law allows that anyone you owe money to can sue you if they choose to.If a debt collector is threatening to sue, knowing that at some point they might.It is always better to try to avoid going to court unless you do not owe the money and can prove it. Debt Collectors Must Tell the Truth Debt collectors may not lie or use any false or misleading statements when collecting a debt. Examples of what they cannot lie or mislead you about include who they are, work for, or their position misrepresent in any way, forms or letters sent to you how much you owe or that you have broken the law. Debt Collectors Cannot Make False or Empty Threats Debt collectors cannot make threats or use intimidation tactics to get you to pay a debt. This area gets a little tricky because it can be hard to know if a threat of further action or litigation is a tactic or something the debt collector intends to do. The best thing to do if you are threatened is to tell the collector that you understand the law prohibits them from making threats, and write down everything that was said to you, including the date, time, and person who called. A collector may not tell you that the y will have you arrested if you do not pay your debt. They also cannot threaten to take certain actions against, such as to taking your property, garnishing your wages, or filing a lawsuit. The key words are threaten to because a collector may be able to do these things if it is legal in your state. They just cannot be deceitful about their intentions. Debt Collectors May Not Use Unfair Practices The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also restricts collectors from asking for amounts you do not owe this includes adding extra fees unless your state law permits them to do so. And, they cannot make you accept collect calls, or pay for telegrams or mailings in an attempt to contact you or collect debts. Unfair Practices also restricts debt collects from using a postcard to contact you. They must enclose all correspondence in an envelope so that no one else can read your mail.

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What employees love and hate about the holidays

What employees love and hate about the holidaysWhat employees love and hate about the holidaysThere are many factors to how holidays are handled in the workplace. Work schedules and demands, time off, decorations, and holiday parties all factor into how the season is incorporated into an office space and received by the employees who work there.Last year, we polled our readers to find out what they loved and hated about holidays in the workplace. We received nearly 3,000 responses We explored both the good AND the bad because, well, thats life While we attempt to focus on the positive and provide hope for improving workplaces, we are also committed to being realitys includeschadstoff exchanges among colleaguesholiday meals togetherlistening to Christmas and holiday music at workattending work-related holiday celebrations after work.The conclusion from these seemingly conflicting results? Reading the stories people shared shed some light on the issue. First,people are different(surpri se). Some like certain activities, while others dislike them. Secondly, and possibly more importantly,how the activity was doneseems to have a big impact on peoples responses. Was generosity involved (or did employees have to pay or do the work themselves)? Were the interactions respectful or rude and hurtful?The worst of the badWe asked people to write and tell us examples of theirworstholiday experience related to work. You can read samples of themy worst holiday work experiencestories submitted by over 900 readers. Im sure youll have similar reactions as I did to some (Youve got to be kidding me).There were several, common, repetitive themes from the example stories shared. Each of the following topics had numerous examples given.having to work on the holidays or having to use PTO for the holidaya lack of focus on the holidays, not being able to celebrate Christmas (as opposed to a winter celebration, but also examples of being from a different religious background and feeling fo rced to celebrate Christmas)negative behaviors and poor judgment resulting from excessive consumption of alcoholembarrassing experiences during White Elephant/Secret Santa schadstoff giving.How to turn what I hate into what I loveIf we only report the results without giving some practical suggestions, this exercise is a waste of time. So here are somepractical tips for employers and managersthat can be gleaned from the resultsLeave ample timefor employees to work on the extra year end tasks and reports. Be aware that people feel a time crunch both in their personal lives as well as at work.Whenever possible, dont create artificial deadlines for work to be completed.If possible, let some of the tasks and reports be done in January.Dont forceyour employees to participate in gift giving exchanges (explicitly or implicitly). In fact, see how many people really want to participate considernotdoing a gift exchange activitythe irritation created may not be worth the effort and keeping to p rior tradition.Be sensitiveto scheduling issues and time requirements during the holidays, especially with regards to after work hours events.If you are going to have a meal to celebrate,provide the food(or at least the main course) and account for those who dont eat meat.The best of the goodWhen asked what aspects of the holiday season they enjoy the most, time off work came in at the top. It was closely followed, though, by things that fall into the category of the spirit of the season Christmas lights, listening to Christmas and holiday music, extra time with family and friends, the spiritual meaning of the holidays, and family traditions.When asked what they enjoy about things that happenat their workplaceduring the holidays, time off work was the clear winner. The other top responses involved sharing holiday meals with co-workers, enjoying Christmas cookies and holiday snacks, receiving a bonus, and having a special holiday party.When people sent us responses about theirfavorit ework-related holiday stories, we were touched by the stories that wereboth fun and heart-warming.SuggestionsAs I have stated previously to leaders and HR professionals, you cant please everyone, so be ready for some negative responses, criticisms, and suggestions for what to do differently next year. These types of comments will almost certainly happen, so be ready, and dont let them discourage you.Just as people differ, so do groups. If at all possible, get input from the group (or representatives) ahead of time. Listen to what they dont want to do, and avoid those activities. And try to incorporate at leastsomeof what they suggest into the plan for next years celebrations.Finally, adopt a positive attitudeSmile,laugh,enjoy the food and your friends.Consider the desires and preferences of others.Determine to have a good timeregardless of other peoples reactions.Chances are good that you willThis article was originally published on AppreciationAtWork.

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A Robot Conductor Takes the Stage

A Robot Conductor Takes the Stage A Robot Conductor Takes the Stage A Robot Conductor Takes the StageThe baton came up gracefully for the upbeats and descended forcefully for the downbeats, while the other hand danced along in time, coaxing the musicians from one crescendo to another, the singers from one emotion to another. The musicians were members of the Lucca Philharmonic orchestrathe singers included famed tenor Andrea Bocelli.The conductor welches a robot.YuMi takes center stage in Pisa to conduct Andrea Bocelli and the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra. Image ABBYuMi is its name and conducting Verdi in Pisa was its debut on the big stage. In fact, it was the first time any robot had directed such an acclaimed orchestra. But YuMi wasnt originally designed to be the first Robotscanini. A product of ABB, aSwitzerland-based engineering firm focused on control systems and other digital technologies, the machine was created to learn gestures and tasks quickly, without the need for the u ser to know a programming language. It can alsobe put to use in almost any kind of industry. In front of an orchestra, YuMidemonstrated both the range of its potential uses and the ease with which it can be taught.While even a mediocre conductor spends decades working in music, YuMi learned the three pieces it was to conduct, along with every gesture to every measure, in a matter of days.In the first step, the robot was guided through the motions of the conductor, says Andrea Cassoni, ABBs robotics manager in Italy. This is an actual type of robot programming used in industry called lead-through programming, where the robot is taught the required movements by beweis rather than programming each individual point of motion in software.The person doing the leading in this case was actual flesh-and-blood maestroAndrea Colombini. Listening to the orchestra, he guided YuMi through each section. As if leading a tango, Colombini took YuMi in a near embrace, guiding its baton-holding hand th rough the music in one pass and then doing the same for the left hand in another pass.Once YuMi had learned all the necessary moves, they were imported into an ABB program called RobotStudio. The software allows userstypically manufacturersto refine the robots movements by tweaking a virtual model. In this case, RobotStudio was used to smooth out and finesse every movement, as well as to synchronize those movements with the score. This was, by far, the simpler parte of the project.The biggest challenge was translating the subtle but wide range of movements necessary to conduct an orchestra into the robots programming, Cassoni says. This took some practice and close partnership between the conductor and robot engineer. But no out-of-the-ordinary software or tools were required.The orchestra musicians followed YuMi perfectly and were awed by its grace and seeming musicality. After the performance, Colombini raved about the machines fluidity. Arguably, a conducting robot could someday put people like him out of a job, or at least free them from attending every rehearsal. On the other hand, perhaps the conducting robot will increase demand for human conductors. Amateur, robot-run orchestras will need someone to program all the pieces the machines might conduct. Currently, though, an amateur orchestra hoping to follow an automaton, and anyone else who wants to put YuMi to use, will have to scrape together $40,000.The YuMi that performed was no more sensitive than an animatronic character at Disneyland. From the first beat to the last note, the robot ran through its program and the musicians followed along. But theres no reason that it couldnt some day be outfitted with a sound sensor so that it could exaggerate a movement if the musicians werent reaching a certain decibelor hitting a predetermined tempo. At the moment,ABB has no intentions of refining YuMis conducting capabilities.Robots continue to capture the imagination of artists, the media, and the general pub lic, says Cassoni. So you never know.Michael Abrams is an independent writer. For Further DiscussionThe biggest challenge was translating the subtle but wide range of movements necessary to conduct an orchestra into the robots programming. Andrea Cassoni, robotics manager, ABB

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Why Everybody Is Talking About Cv Define...The Simple Truth Revealed

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cv Define...The Simple Truth Revealed You may choose to translate your CV. It is crucial to customize your CV for unique positions. A CV is easily the most flexible and convenient approach to produce applications. Your CV may include everything which youve done up to now. Cv Define - the Conspiracy The CV additionally provides a general feeling about the operation of a method. Both are important, especially if youre asking for a client-facing position. Applying an excessive amount of Teflon tape isnt better and may crack the plastic bulkhead fittings For a constant volume procedure, the work is equivalent to zero. In different parts of the Earth, the expression CV keeps its American meaning. You might be requested to lie in various body positions, or to take a deep breath and wait. Additionally, there are certain types of CV training that are unsuitable for some people for instance, in the event you suffer from arthritis or joint problems then impact activities like jogging and running will notlage be helpful for you. Resume CV is a little bit of a misnomer. What is Really Happening with Cv Define Youll also have to have the ability to communicate well, verbally and in writing, and be in a position to deal with projects. Make certain youre employing the appropriate industry-specific language in your applications. Use exactly the same language when you create a CV, therefore its simpler for the man reading it to observe how you match up. The most significant thing you should remember when writing your CV is the fact that it ought to be clear and simple with a good structure. Cv Define at a Glance A CV that combines a distinctive design with information presented in a neat and simple to read format is more inclined to make a good impression on employers If youre not certain where to begin with design, there are many totally free CV templates readily available online. Fortunately theres already a great package called titlesec which offers an effortless approach to customise our header styles. A template is always helpful to get started as it may give you all of the crucial details of what to include. Hearsay, Deception and Cv Define A personal profile at the beginning of the CV can get the job done for jobs in competitive industries like the media or advertising, to assist you to stick out from the crowd. ur data indicate that efforts to decrease contrast nephrotoxicity need to concentrate on efforts to implement a policy of as low as reasonably feasible for contrast media. Researching the role, company and sector trends thoroughly will provide you with a clearer idea of the sort of examples thatll be relevant both immediately and later on. The Dos and Donts of Cv Define Theres no one best format since there are several types and versions of software that you cannot always be sure that the recipient will have the ability to open your CV with no problems, especially if its been prod uced on a PC and is being read on a Mac, or vice versa. The most frequently encountered issue with the CV joints is whenever the protective boot cracks or gets damaged. Make certain there arent any spelling or grammatical errors. If you become aware of errors or can suggest a more correct edition, please allow me to know. What Does Cv Define Mean? In america and Canada, theres a difference between a CV and a resume. A person who has an unwavering resolve. So think about whether its well worth mentioning your interests. Political and religious interests are occasionally taboo, unless somebody has a specific reason he would like to disclose his faith. A CV is your document so that its your responsibility to pick the ideal style, tone and structure, utilizing the guidance that is available to you. The purchase and the emphasis will be contingent on what it is youre applying for and what youve got to offer you. If youve got substantial or appropriate knowledge in a different field, you may add an Additional experience section following your main work-history section. Whats right for you probably is dependent upon the aim of the resume. You may however want prospective employers to seek out your LinkedIn account. Visual CV There is always likely to be another person that has the similar qualifications as you but not everybody will present it in an identical way. In some nations, a CV is typically the very first element a prospective employer encounters concerning the job seeker and is typically utilized to screen applicants, often followed by means of an interview. Attempt to find some advice from someone in the sector in case you dont already do the job there. Type of Cv Define In the same way, decreasing the CV causes the process to lower the PV. By comparison, the true value of the CV is independent of the unit where the measurement was taken, so its a dimensionless number. The normal deviation is only the square root of the variance. Whe n it has to do with soft abilities, however, in place of saying you are in possession of a soft skill, demonstrate that you have it. Soft abilities, on the flip side, are subjective skills that are a lot more difficult to quantify. In the end, there are a number of skills which you shouldnt include. It is hard to go in cold and begin considering your hard and soft abilities, achievements, and other problems that will assist your career. Massive gaps in your CV look just like youve sat around doing nothing rather than having the initiative to go out and find a short-term job. Your CV is not going to get you the job but if done well, should provide you at the very least a foot in the door.Even though there are nearly as many job-related skills because there are jobs, make an effort not to think of them as restricting what you could do. For example, if youre asking for a job at which you should have legal understanding, and also communicate with clients successfully, you may inc lude similar knowledge in job descriptions. Start looking for the essential abilities and think about how your very own past experience is related to the job. Attempt to prevent pole dancing here, particularly if youre asking for a more critical job like a barrister, for example.

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The Newly Leaked Secrets to Resumes Samples Discovered

The Newly Leaked Secrets to Resumes Samples Discovered All About Resumes Samples If your resume does its job, you are going to be getting a call for a work interview. Each time you search for a new job, you would save many hours that you could invest in different things. Looking at how others wrote their resumes can provide you some fantastic ideas. The challenge of being a true student searching for a job tends to be an absence of prior job experience. The Dos and Donts of Resumes Samples As with other creative resumes, it isnt meant for the majority of employers, so you might want to get a traditionally formatted resume on hand to complement it. You should create a resume for each and every job that youre applying for. Its imperative that you dont simply apply these resumes verbatim. Basic resumes typically have an extremely classic and classic tone. The Key to Successful Resumes Samples Be certain to include quantifiable info to truly drive home how valuable you can b e to a prospective employer. Attempt to do a little bit of research on the business youre applying to since the majority of the companies have various values. Have a look at our samples to get a better idea about what makes a good customer tafelgeschirr resume and discover out what it requires to land your dream job. Whether youre applying for work, a grant, or using your resume to construct your own client base, a skilled and well-organized resume is advised. The Benefits of Resumes Samples Chronological resumes are helpful for demonstrating a pattern of working, especially if youre continuing in an overall profession or field. Ensure you highlight technical wisdom and certifications. Notice how the example resumes are extremely specific when it has to do with technical skills. The subject of information technology gets more important each day. With our specialized therapy, youll be in a place to tap the complete potential of your professional network and make sure your profile on social networking channels matches the caliber of your resume. The very first step is to review the work description carefully so that you are able to be certain the position is a superb match for you, and know which qualities and expertise to emphasize on your resume. Resumes are just a page in length (if you dont own a sortiment of years of experience in a specific field), and space is at a premium. Resumes Samples Options Basic doesnt need to mean boring, as you will notice in the broad range of free basic resume templates we offer. Its high-quality PSD file is completely customizable. Basic layouts are extremely simple to edit, even when you have never made a resume before. Employing a resume template has turned into an acceptable and smart practice for numerous factors. Introducing Resumes Samples Keep in mind you will be interviewed eventually during the plan of application. The objective statement tells the employer what kind of position youre seeking, whe re you need to work, and what aspect of the field youre interested in. In truth, its the job of a cover letter to find an employer interested enough in you as a candidate to take some time to examine your resume. If you need assistance figuring out the way to do so, have a look at our office worker resume samples and expert writing tips. Review the work description and review your resume. Below, you will locate a list of resume examples that may aid you with your work search. Resumes are usually categorized by the way in which the info is presented. Boost your opportunities to receive a desirable job with this expert CV freebie. Should you need some tips on how to craft the ideal healthcare resume for your specific field, take a look at our samples and the accompanying writing guides. Make certain that you get the info youre looking for. Perhaps while trying to find examples you noticed poor samples throughout the internet. Take a look at our information technology resume samples for some tips about how to present yourself as the ideal candidate. All About Resumes Samples Our customers say that hiring CareerProPlus is among the best decisions they ever made Recruitment consultants often utilize ATS also. Your jobs might be varied, your experience and techniques vast, and it can be hard getting it all on paper. Transportation jobs involve a lot of responsibility and your resume will want to reflect you can take care of that. Volunteer experience is also a great add-on to healthcare resumes as it shows the hiring manager you have compassion off the work too. The health care industry can be quite competitive. If youre attempting to acquire work in accounting or finance you require averystrong resume. Nowadays people try to find the next job opportunity online, because the work market theres huge The Key to Successful Resumes Samples A resume cant simply be a list of your previous experiences. While all resumes should offer information on your work and education experience, along with your abilities and accomplishments, there are various ways to present this info. Chronological resumes are the ideal place to highlight your accomplishments.